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Earl Grey Lavender Tea 16 count box

Standard Box of 16 pyramid mesh bags in a re-sealable pouch.  The most economical.

Traditional Earl Grey with French Lavender flowers in a pyramid mesh bag;  enjoy the qualities of whole leaf tea with the convenience of a bag. 

Naturally sweet and fragrant. The lavender enhances the flavour of the Earl Grey.  Perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

Earl Grey Lavender Tea 16 count box
Earl Grey Lavender Tea 16 count box Earl Grey Lavender Tea 16 count box Earl Grey Lavender Tea 16 count box Earl Grey Lavender Tea 16 count box

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Traditional Earl Grey enhanced by the taste and calming effect of Lavender.  This is one of Revolution Tea's earlier award winning blends and still a firm favourite.  Full leaf tea, lavender leaves and natural oil of bergamot in a pyramid mesh bag.

Standard 16 count box:  16 pyramid mesh bags in a resealable pouch.  Stores well in your cupboard and is convenient for travelling. The most economical. (Earl Grey Lavender is also available in 20 count foil sachets and 30 count miniature boxes).

Taste:  Traditional Earl Grey enhanced with the flavour and aroma of Lavender. Natural sweet black tea; this is primarily an Earl Grey with a hint of lavender.   

Brewing Tips:  Brew in water just under boiling.  For a light, fresh flavour,  we recommend taking the bag out once it has infused to our taste.  You may be able to use the bag more than once to capture all the flavour and goodness from the tea.

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Estate grown Ceylon, Darjeeling and Shui Xian Teas, French Lavender flowers and Bergamot oil. All full leaf teas and natural ingredients.

Medium Caffeine Content
One Black Tea Bag = 40 milligrams per 8 ounce mug compared to coffee which is typically 120 milligrams per 8 ounce mug.

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