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Southern Mint Herbal 16 count box

Standard Box of 16 pyramid mesh bags in a re-sealable pouch.  The most economical.

Mint Herbal:  Caffeine Free.  Pure Peppermint leaves.  The most exquisite "minty" taste.

Southern Mint Herbal 16 count box
Southern Mint Herbal 16 count box Southern Mint Herbal 16 count box Southern Mint Herbal 16 count box Southern Mint Herbal 16 count box

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£5.49  Southern Mint Herbal.  The most exquisite "minty" taste.  Just pure peppermint leaves which gives a delicious strong clean taste.  Perfect for cleansing the palate after a meal.

Standard 16 count Box:  16 pyramid mesh bags in a resealable pouch. Stores well in your cupboard and is convenient for travelling. (Southern Mint is also available in 20 count foil sachets and 30 count miniatures).

Taste:  The most exquisite minty taste.  Pure and clean.  The taste and aroma of the Middle East.

Brewing Tips:  Brew in hot water, not boiling.  For a light, fresh flavour, we recommend taking the bag out once it has infused to your taste.  You may be able to use the bag more than once to capture all the flavour and goodness.


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Whole Peppermint Leaf.  Pure.   

Caffeine Free.  This is a pure herbal drink.  It has no tea added and therefore has no caffeine.

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