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White Teas


White Tea is from the bud of the plant

The Taste:  Pale tea with a sweet silky taste.  People who have tried both Green and White tea, note that White Tea lacks the 'grassy' aftertaste so often associated with green tea. 

If you have tried green tea and have not enjoyed the flavour, you may well enjoy White Tea!

The Qualities and benefits:  The tea leaves are left close to their natural state which means that White Tea contains more polyphenols, powerful anti-oxidants.

Revolution Tea have two flavours of White tea: All are Full-leaf White Tea with natural ingredients:

White Pomegranate:  White Tea, Rosehips, Safflower and Pomegranate

White Pear: White Tea with slivers of Pear

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Revolution teas are blends of premium full-leaf Black Tea, Oolong Tea, Green Tea, White Tea, Rooibos, Herbal, Certified Organic tea, natural aromatic fruits, spices & herbs. Our innovative and convenient Infuser and Pyramid bags complete the experience of creating the finest cup of tea.