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Green Teas

Why Revolution Green Tea

I meet many people who say they struggle to enjoy green tea, finding it raspish and bitter and, when they taste a Revolution Green or WhiteTea, discover that that is not the case.  They find them delicious, refreshing and satisfying - and they are an excellent detox.  Very high in antioxidants.
Which Green tea to choose? We have a choice of 5:
Organic Green: Pure green tea. The best for pure green tea lovers.
Tropical Green: With added natural ingredients including Jasmine and Lemon Verbena. Our most popular and a good one to start on.
Organic Green Earl Grey.   If you like Earl Grey and a light tea, you will love this one.
Acai Green. Delicious. A berry flavoured tea without the sweetness of fruit tisanes. Wonderful aroma, flavour and goodness of  the Brazilian Acai berry. .
Orange Chocolate Green. Yes, Chocolate! With cacao nibs and ginger. Smooth, rounded and addictive. My tea time drink. 
Peach Mango Green.  NEW!  Naturally sweet with the flavours of peach and mango.
Brewing Tips:  Let the water come off the boil, or let it cool in the cup before you put the tea bag in.  For the first cup, I only leave it in for about a minute - until the leaves have swelled and then take it out.  Leave it on a saucer and come back and use it again - and maybe a third time.  If you not achieving that lovely gentle flavour either the water is too hot or you are leaving it in the water too long.  But maybe you like it stronger - in which case leave it in longer.
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Revolution teas are blends of premium full-leaf Black Tea, Oolong Tea, Green Tea, White Tea, Rooibos, Herbal, Certified Organic tea, natural aromatic fruits, spices & herbs. Our innovative and convenient Infuser and Pyramid bags complete the experience of creating the finest cup of tea.