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Quick Order: 30 count - All Flavours - miniature boxes

For quick and easy ordering, all flavours in our 30 Count Miniature Box range are listed below.  

Each miniature box contains one tagged pyramid mesh bag.

Ideal for hotels and conference rooms; designed to fill your display tea chest.  Available in individual flavours, variety boxes and a bespoke box with your choice of flavours.

Quick Order:  30 count - All Flavours - miniature boxes

Image: Choice of Flavour-30c: Price: Qty:
Acai Green 30 count £13.99
Tropical Green 30 count £13.99
Peach Mango Green 30 count £13.99
Organic Green 30 count £14.99
Organic Green Earl Grey 30 count £14.99
Orange Chocolate Green 30 count £13.99
White Pear 30 count £13.99
White Pomegranate 30 count £13.99
Dragon Eye Oolong 30 count £13.99
Blackberry Jasmine Oolong 30 count £13.99
Southern Mint 30 count £13.99
Honeybush Caramel 30 count £13.99
Golden Chamomile 30 count £13.99
Citrus Spice 30 count £13.99
Earl Grey Lavender 30 count £13.99
English Breakfast 30 count £13.99
Sweet Ginger Peach 30 count £13.99
Bombay Chai 30 count £13.99
Bespoke box: Your choice £16.50
Variety Best of Best £13.99
Variety Holiday Cheer £13.99
Variety Green & White £13.99
Variety Best of Europe £13.99

Free UK delivery over £29

   - OR -   

All flavours in the range of 30 count miniature boxes are listed here for quick, easy reference.

Each flavour comes in a box of 30 individual miniature boxes, each filled with one tagged pyramid mesh bag, sealed for freshness and presentation.

Designed to fill your display tea chest, these are perfect for offering your guests a choice of tea, whether at home or in the office.

Available in individual flavours, variety boxes and a bespoke box with your choice of flavours.

Display units available.  Please enquire.


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These are the expiry dates for the 30 count miniatures:

Acai Green:  May 2016

Tropical Green:  April 2016

Peach Mango Green:  August 2015

Organic Green:  May 2016

Organic Green Earl Grey: December 2015

Orange Chocolate Green:  January 2016

White Pear:  December 2015

White Pomegranate: May 2016

Dragon Eye Oolong: November 2015

Blackberry Jasmine Oolong:  November 2015

Southern Mint: February 2016

Golden Chamomile: December 2015

Honeybush Caramel:  December 2015

Citrus Spice (Rooibos):  December 2015

English Breakfast: November 2015

Earl Grey Lavender: October 2015

Sweet Ginger Peach:  May 2016

Bombay Chai: July 2015

Raspberry Black:  August 2015 


Royal Mail First Class or Standard Air Mail.  We aim to post orders same or next working day.
To UK:  Free postage for orders of £29 and over.  Under £29 there is a standard £3.00 charge.  "Signed for" is an extra £1.50 on all orders.
To Europe:  Standard Air Mail:  Up to £30 is £5.00;  < £45 is £6.00 and thereafter a standard £7.00.  "Signed for" is an extra £5.50.
To Rest of World:  Standard Air Mail:  Up to £15: £4.50;  <£30: £7.00;  <£45: £9.50;  <£60: £12.00;  <£75: £14.50;         <£90: £17.00;  < £115: £19.50.  There is a weight restriction of 2kg so, for orders over £115, please calculate the cost as 2 or more parcels.  "Signed for" is an extra £5.50 per parcel.    Note:  If you are placing a large order, please do not hesitate to contact us regarding optimum delivery.

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