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Southern Mint Herbal

A refreshing pick-me-up and a perfect palate cleanser.

Once you have tried this Mint tea, you will never want to drink anything else!    The pure Egyptian  mint leaves in Revolution's infuser bag give a delicious pure taste of mint.  You can really taste the difference!. Enjoy after a meal, this caffeine-free herbal drink has soothing properties and can help combat headaches and aid in digestion.

With this quality of mint leaves, you can steep the bag more than once to get all the flavour and goodness.


Available Formats:  box of 16 infusers £5.49, box of 30 miniature boxes £13.99 and box of 20 foil sachets £7.69.  Scroll down below to make your choice.

Free P&P on Standard Mail orders to UK over £29.


Revolution teas are blends of premium full-leaf Black Tea, Oolong Tea, Green Tea, White Tea, Rooibos, Herbal, Certified Organic tea, natural aromatic fruits, spices & herbs. Our innovative and convenient Infuser and Pyramid bags complete the experience of creating the finest cup of tea.